About Me
My name is Jhonnys Langendorf. I was born in 1984 in southern Brazil, where I currently live. I have dedicated my entire adult life to retouching and creating images with Photoshop.

I started studying Photoshop daily back in 2002, and I continue to do so. I have learned the highest level techniques in the image editing industry, not only mastering the technical aspects but also understanding how images are formed and how they can be improved.

I have taken dozens of courses, some taught by excellent professors who became my great mentors, and others that were less impactful. Regardless, I consumed everything I could to learn more about what makes shapes beautiful, the effect of lighting on elements, and how colors harmonize with each other.

On this journey, which I have loved and am still on, I have had the opportunity to serve companies from all over the world. I also give talks and courses on advanced Photoshop, which I explain further below.

Besides my obsession with Photoshop, in my spare time, I enjoy playing bass and studying the financial market.
Adobe Certified Expert Adobe Photoshop CC
In 2019, I decided to test my Photoshop skills by applying for the Adobe Photoshop Expert Certificate exam. I passed on the first try and earned the Certified Adobe Photoshop Expert badge.

This test, of course, only assesses technical knowledge of the program. Creativity and a sharp eye, which are crucial for great work, cannot be tested in such an exam. These qualities are what I strive to improve daily.
Social & Education Projects
Despite my many commitments, I dedicate part of my time to the educational field. I teach an advanced Photoshop course online and a face-to-face course at the local college. These courses are offered to students in Advertising and Marketing, Communication, Hypermedia, and Arts programs.

I also own a YouTube channel where I demonstrate various Photoshop techniques that I use in my workflow. Additionally, I am active on social media.

YouTube channel: JhonnysLangendorf
Facebook: jhonnysartistadigital
Behance: jhonnys
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