Riverbed - Network Visibility Campaign
Client & Credits
Client: Riverbed
Client Location: United States
Agency/Studio: Traina Design
Account Manager: Jeselyn Andrews
Post-production: Jhonnys Langendorf
Briefing & Creative Strategy
The idea here was to produce an image that demonstrates the concept of “blind spot”. The campaign slogan is “Reveal the blind spots in your network”. This was a job that required a lot of collaboration between me and the wonderful team from Traina Design. We talked about how this image could represent the campaign concept until we reached this solution. Technically, it was a really fun job to make it and with a standard photo manipulation edit. I aimed to put each of the stock images together to create this realistic scene. Both Traina Design and Riverbed people got highly satisfied​​​​​​ - and me :)
Application - Website Header
Some Briefing Details & Application
Stock Images
Before & After
Process Breakdown
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