Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce - Retouching
Client & Credits
Client: Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce
Client Location: United States
Agency/Studio: Mike Aron Visuals
Photography: Mike Aron
​​​​​Post-production: Jhonnys Langendorf
Briefing & Creative Strategy
The client wanted their products to be retouched with a commercial focus to be as attractive as possible on Amazon. The photography team took beautiful photos with creative compositions. For my part, I did the retouching as requested, exploring warm and strong colors to match the brand's concept. I also chose to replace the bottle's labels for the original vector files, obtaining the most realistic outcome with the maximum quality.
Video Ads
Video design by Diogo Carrijo
Photo Shoot
Before & After - Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce
Before & After - Lifestyle Image #1
Process Breakdown - Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce Original
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