Post Apocalyptic: Railway Station Public Square
Railway Station Public Square - Original Photo
Post Apocalyptic: São Pelegrino Church Area
São Pelegrino Church Area - Original Photo
Post Apocalyptic: Caxias do Sul City Hall
Caxias do Sul City Hall - Original Photo
About This Project
I've always been a huge fan of “post-apocalyptic” movies, series, and games. In all of these productions, the places that are represented abandoned usually are from world-important cities like New York, Paris, Rome. Always the same landmarks are shown destroyed and taken over by the action of nature and time. Therefore, I decided that I would create a set of post-apocalyptic images of the city where I live: Caxias do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.

Caxias do Sul is a city of 600,000 inhabitants and well known for its industrial and cultural development, and for the Italian immigration. I went to some places that I consider important and took the photos. I chose the images that I liked the most and had fun editing for 30-36 hours on each project.

My biggest inspiration was the video game “The Last of Us”. I would like to portray a vision of the end of the world that wasn't so melancholic, so gray as seen in some films. So, I looked for vibrant colors that highlight the beauty of the nature by reoccupying areas that were previously urban zones, just like The Last of Us game did.
This project is still under development. I intend to make three more images from other areas of the city.
Before & After - Railway Station Public Square
Before & After - São Pelegrino Church Area
Before & After - Caxias do Sul City Hall
Process Timelapse Video - Railway Station Public Square
Process Timelapse Video - São Pelegrino Church Area
Process Timelapse Video - Caxias do Sul City Hall
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