Resources To Renewables - Investor Brief Cover
Client & Credits
Client: Resources To Renewables
Client Location: Australia
Art Direction: Jhonnys Langendorf ​​​​
Post-production: Jhonnys Langendorf
​​​​​​​Briefing & Creative Strategy
The client requested an image that conveys the idea of nature growing in a place previous damaged due to the action of mining. This image was used in the client's Investor Brief. They sent to me a sketch with the concept. I improved the idea, bought the assets in high-quality and made the first composition. After they approved the initial structure, I edited the lighting, colors and special effects so that all the elements match each other, creating a realistic image capable of communicating the intention of the renewable energy company the client works on.​​​​​​​
Application - Investor Brief Cover 2021
Concept Sketch Created By The Client
Stock Images
Before & After
Process Breakdown
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