Tropicaux Reign - Exploding Ingredients
Client & Credits
Client: Tropicaux Reign
Client Location: United States
Agency/Studio: Mike Aron Visuals
Photography: Mike Aron
​​​​​Post-production: Jhonnys Langendorf
Briefing & Creative Strategy
The client requested retouched photos of their products, but also wanted more attractive and creative images to use on their ecommerce and Amazon's page. ​​​​​​​Our idea to match the client's need was to create a couple of images that show a packaging with the ingredients coming out as if it were an “explosion”. The client loved it!
Video Ads
Video design by Diogo Carrijo
Photo Shoot​​​​​​​
Before & After - Majestic Mango
Process Breakdown - Pineapple Queen
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